What is Mesquite Works?

Mesquite Works is a non-profit organization that was created by local businesses and community leaders to assist workers and companies in finding jobs and employers finding workers.  Mesquite Works provides basic job readiness training such as resume writing, interviewing skills, proper dress and “soft skills” such as learning about what employers look for in potential employees.  Potential employees are also provided with job listing from potential employers and job coaching in certain circumstances.  All services are free to both job seekers and employers.

Who runs Mesquite Works?

Mesquite Works is an all-volunteer organization overseen by a 21 (or more) person board of directors.  Directors include representatives of the major employers and high schools in our area, College of Southern Nevada, local media, chamber of commerce, religious organizations, local government and community leaders.

Who can use Mesquite Works?

Anyone who lives in the Virgin River Valley from Moapa and Overton to Littlefield and Beaver Dam can come to our office and receive job assistance.  The same is true for any businesses in the area who have jobs available and are looking for employees or who want basic training for potential employees.  Mesquite Works can also refer job seekers to other agencies and organizations that can assist in training and job placement.

Has Mesquite Works had any successes helping people?

We have helped over 70 people find work with our various programs in 2017.  Here are a couple of examples:

Case One:  A young woman from the Overton area was motivated to work but didn’t know what she needed to do to succeed or where to begin.  A job coach interviewed her and suggested she attend a resume essentials class and a job readiness workshop put on by Mesquite Works. With her training, she got a job with a major local employer and has decided to pursue additional education in her off time.

Case Two:  A middle-aged man who had owned a business in another state came to Mesquite Works for help.  His business had failed when the economy in his state had crashed and he was working whatever job he could get.  He also had some physical disabilities stemming from his previous job that involved heavy work.  Working with a job coach, he was able to land a good paying job that fit his skills and took advantage of his hard work ethic and abilities.

What else does Mesquite Works do to help workers and businesses?

Mesquite Works holds job fairs throughout the year.  These events allow businesses to meet with potential employees face to face, and many are hired on the spot. In addition, Mesquite Works coordinates with local economic organization such as Mesquite Regional Business and the Chamber of Commerce to assist in job training.  Further, Mesquite Works has direct links to numerous social service agencies to make sure the people we serve know about all the places they can get help if needed.

Why should local businesses support Mesquite Works if they don’t need employees?

Having a ready and trained workforce in our area is critical to keeping and attracting businesses.  New companies looking to locate in our area want to know that workforce training is available if they build here.  Existing companies need workers with basic skills to have sustainable growth for themselves and the community.  Every business, no matter how large or small, needs quality workers.  Supporting Mesquite Works is a critical way we can improve the economy of our area.

How do I contact Mesquite Works?

Our office is located next to the Food Bank and Virgin Valley Family Services on South First Street in Mesquite.  Our mailing address is:  312 W. Mesquite Blvd. #102, Mesquite, NV. 89027  Our phone number is: 702-613-0699.  Webpage: www.mesquiteworksnv.org     email address:  information@mesquiteworksnv.org